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Trip Wire Product Strategy

Digital Brochure

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Facebook Ad Campaign

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Email Automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Trip Wire Strategy to get Clients
  2. Digital vCard Services and our Income Stats
  3. Download our Pre-Made Premium vCard Templates
  4. Create Digital vCard for your clients
  5. Interactive Call to Actions on vCard
  6. SEO Title and Publish Digital Business Card
  7. Save to Phone and QR Code
  8. Shareable Options for your client
  9. New Clients from Footer Branding and Referrals
  10. Create Sales Video for your vCard Service
  1. Digital Brochure Service Blueprint
  2. Business Model and our Income Stats
  3. Download our Pre-Made Premium Templates
  4. Create Digital Brochure for your clients
  5. Content Structure for Digital Brochure
  6. Interactive Call to Actions on Brochure
  7. SEO Title for Digital Business Card
  8. Pubhlish and Give Digital Brochure to your Client
  9. Pricing Model and How much you should charge
  10. It’s time to build your Personal Branding
  1. Website Design Service – Literally Without Coding
  2. Business Model and our Income Stats
  3. Understanding WordPress Platform
  4. Installing WordPress Online on your Domain
  5. Installing WordPress Offline on your Computer
  6. Installing Free but yet powerful plugins
  7. Website Theme Customization
  8. Create Web Page and Understand Page Structure
  9. Design Page Header with Examples
  10. Designing Website About Section
  11. Designing Columns and Product Features
  12. Designing Website Buttons
  13. Website Images and Videos
  14. Designing Testimonial Section
  15. Designing Pricing Section
  16. Creating Contact Form
  17. Contact Form Actions
  18. Creating Multiple Pages
  19. Creating Navigation Site Menu Bar
  20. Creating Website Footer
  21. reating eCommerce Website (Coming Soon)
  22. IMPORTANT – You don’t need to buy any themes or plugins. We will provide ready to use templates and elements. Again it’s a Digital Lifestyle course and therefore, what you need is a Laptop + Internet Connection..
  1. Pre-requisite
  2. Creating Facebook Business Page
  3. Page About and Custom URL
  4. Working with Page Settings
  5. Messenger Integration on Website
  6. Page CTA Button
  7. Death of Organic Reach
  8. Page Manager App
  1. How Facebook Ad Algorithm Target Ad
  2. Check Competitor’s Facebook Ads
  3. Setup Ad Account & Payments
  4. Ad Objectives
  5. Facebook Pixels
  6. Two Step Lead Funnel Pixel Setup
  7. Product Selling Funnel Pixel Setup
  8. Finding Ideal Customers on Facebook
  9. Create Ad – Target Audience
  10. Create Ad – Budget and Placements
  11. Create Ad – Ad Text and CTA
  12. Create Ad – Ugly Ad Strategy
  13. Video Ad – Highest ROAS
  14. Create Lead Ads – FB Form
  15. Create Lead Ad – Landing Page
  16. Create Purchase Conversion Ad (eCom Sales)
  17. Create Video Views Ad
  18. Creating Offer Ads
  19. Other Facebook Ad Types
  20. Measure ROAS and Ad Metrics
  1. Understanding Re-Targeting Ads
  2. Creating Re-Targeting Rules
  3. Creating Custom Audience for Re-Targeting
  4. Creating Core Objective Ad as per Ad-Expert Strategy
  5. Re-Targeting Ad Budget Strategy
  6. Re-Targeting Ad Examples with CTA
  7. Measuring effectiveness of followup retargeting ads
  1. Understanding KPM
  2. Optimizing Ad – Flip-Split Funnel Strategy
  3. Optimizing Ad – Interest Expansion Strategy
  4. Optimizing Ad – Text and Actual Ad
  5. Optimizing Ad – Target Audiences
  6. Optimizing Ad – Budget & Placement
  7. Optimizing Ad – High Frequency – Rotate Ads
  8. Optimizing Ad – Split Test Two Ad Variants
  9. Expanding your Reach with Custom Lookalike Audiences
  10. Create Lookalike Audiences
  11. Creating Lookalike Ad Campaigns
  12. Ad Manager Mobile App
  13. Tools, Software and Automation
  1. Facebook Ad Agency Services Blueprint
  2. Business Model and Pricing Structure you should charge.
  3. Facebook Marketing Beginners Level
  4. Mastering Facebook & Instagram Ads
  5. Creating Videos for your Ad Campaigns
  6. Setting Up Pixels for your Funnels
  7. Finding Ideal Customer and Targeting Strategies
  8. Budgeting Strategy for Ad Campaigns
  9. Measure ROAS and Ad Metrics
  10. Mastering Facebook Re-Targeting Ads
  11. Re-Targeting Ad Examples with CTA
  12. Optimizing Ad Strategies
  13. Scaling with Lookalike Audiences
  1. Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Services
  2. Business Model, Pricing Strategies and Whom to Target
  3. Email Marketing Strategy and Content Writing Services
  4. Email Templates with Examples
  5. Install Free Email & Marketing Automation Software
  6. Lead Followup Funnel Service
  7. Advanced Marketing Automation Service
  • Drive Consistent, Round-The-Clock Traffic To Your Website or Landing Page
  • Use Conversion Tracking To Determine The Value Of Your Ad Campaigns
  • Create, Develop and Optimize Your Own Profitable Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Remarket to Your Previous Website Visitors To Get Them Coming Back To Your Site
  • Advertise Your Products And Services Online Effectively
  • Monetize The More Than 6 Billion Daily Searches On Google
  • Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website